DDPP Providence Wants YOU To Keep the Party Goin’!!

Hey you rad person who happened upon this blog. DDPP Providence is no longer, but it could be revived if you’re interested!

What is DDPP? Check out http://www.dancedancepartyparty.com for more information. And if you’re interested in bringing your energy and enthusiasm to this chapter – write to: ddppchicago[at]gmail[dot]com


That’s all, folks.

DanceDancePartyParty Providence is cancelled until further notice.  The volunteers in charge of this volunteer-run event unfortunately have other things demanding their time.  But we miss you!

Indefinite Hiatus

As Amy and Sarah make big schedule and life changes, DDPP Prov will stay on break until at least January 2010.

This summer’s hiatus

We’re taking the entire white shoe season off this year, friends, Memorial Day to Labor Day.  We hope to see you dancin’ in the streets, rockin’ at the roller derby, shopping the Farmer’s Markets and Providence Open Market, but we’re steppin’ out of the studio for a couple of months.

Friday, May 28 is the last DDPP of the season.  See you at 5:30!  Hang around after for a little snack if you like.

DJ F’Rella bringin’ it again!

Drat, where are all those playlists again?

Been a little overworked, friends, but here’s the April 30 playlist and I know there’s another from Supah Stah around here somewhere…

Last week’s playlist